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I am a believer that quality work is more important than quantity. I always dedicate myself to ensuring the satisfaction of my client’s needs. I have the advantage of having the attitude of Client Focus, Quality Assurance, and Results Orientation.

My strengths also include being versatile in my duties and responsibilities, good eye, and attention to details.

The best way to demonstrate these skills would be to show you how I work and how I can make life easier for you as we grow your business.

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What they say about my work

I have known Ms. Lhet Monjes Quijano for more than 10 years now. She started working in DMCI Homes under agency as one of the members of my team in 2007-2008. I have seen her grow professionally since then. When we successfully moved DMCI Homes office from Pasong Tamo to Bangkal in Makati. I have seen her work ethics and eagerness to help. Even if we worked long hours you will not hear her complain. It became a challenge for me to have her to be a direct employee of DMCI Homes even if she is qualified and even if I made a valid justification for her to be directly employed by the company. This is due to budget issues within my department. Because of that I have given her my blessing to look for another opportunity in other department which fortunately she found one in Marketing Department. I will not forget the email I got from the Marketing Department Head after Lhet move to them. She thank me for providing Lhet the proper training and mentoring her to be a performer. Lhet is one of my legacy and I will always be proud of her achievements
I have known Lolita (Lhet) Monjes-Quijano for the past years while she has worked as a Marketing Operations Specialist in DMCI Homes. I have been impressed by her attitude towards work and her performance on report preparation for her immediate supervisor. She communicated well with the suppliers during those times. As a supplier of billboard, I was satisfied on her efficiency in doing her duties to the supplier as she processed our billings always on time. Lolita Monjes-Quijano was consistently pleasant as she tackled all jobs with dedication and a smile. Her interpersonal skills are exemplary which were also greatly appreciated by her work colleagues. I hope that this testimony would be of great help to Ms. Quijano’s purposes.
Our initial encounter with Ms. Lhet Monjes-Quijano was through her inquiry via email. Already she was direct with her questions while being very courteous. Upon her invitation, we visited her at the office of DMCI, where she was a Marketing Specialist. I remember how accommodating she was, even introducing us to her colleagues and boss. With her friendly manner, openness, and good communication skills, it was easy for us to discuss her company's requirements and our capacity as a supplier. This eventually led to a good customer-supplier relationship between DMCI, and us for some years. Ms. Lhet is one true professional who encourages us to render good service. Very nice to have worked with her indeed!

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